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Research on Were-Beasts


Werewolf – A werewolf is a person able to transform into a wolf through magic.

To distinguish it from other lupine theriomorphs, it is also sometimes called the “classic werewolf”. There are two ways to become a werewolf: through your own magic or from someone else using magic to change you.

Werewolves are humans who are able to use magic to transform themselves into a wolf and back into human form, although it requires considerable strength to continually shift back and forth. Despite using magic to accomplish the transformation, they usually cannot do any other magic, and are thus not seen as proper wizards.

The transformation itself changes their physical body, but their mind remains the same. As such, their personality and ability to think and reason are fully intact. But they also do not naturally possess a wolf’s instincts or reflexes, making it necessary for them to first adjust to and learn to properly use their transformed bodies. The transformed wolf-form is physically like a normal wolf, although often quite bigger and stronger than contemporary wolf species.

Lupine Theriomorph

Lupine Theriomorph – There are four kinds of lupine theriomorphs:

  • Werewolves (see above)
  • Hexenwolves
  • Loup-garous
  • Lycanthropes

They are distinct from each other, differing on the means of achieving the transformation, and how much of the person’s self and humanity remains intact.

All of them are also often referred to as werewolves, although that term is properly used for only the “classic werewolf”.


Hexenwolf – A “spell wolf”

Unlike a werewolf, hexenwolves do not transform through use of their own magic but through someone else’s. To transform, a person makes use of a talisman, which can be put on and activated by certain magic words, instantly transforming its wearer. The talisman is usually a wolf-hide belt, but sometimes a ring or amulet. It is usually first acquired by a person making a deal with a powerful sorcerer, demon or devil, and receiving the talisman in turn.

Additional research material available: 1 day (3 successes)


Loup-Garou – The loup-garou transformation is the result of a curse cast by someone very powerful, “like a major heavyweight sorcerer or a demon lord or one of the Faerie Queens.”

At the rise of the full moon, the cursed person transforms into a monster and proceeds to slaughter everything it comes across until either the full moon sets or the sun rises. In their transformed state, they have supernatural speed, power, and ferocity. They are very resistant to any form of injury and recover quickly. Physical injuries sustained heal almost instantly, and they are immune to poison and to magic targeted at their mind.

Additional research may yield results: Time unknown, difficulty unknown


Lycanthrope – A person affected by a magical condition.

Unlike the other various forms of werewolf, a lycanthrope is not a theriomorph. Physically human, they are indistinguishable from a regular person, at least on the surface. They are also unique in that they are born this way, and not made. A lycanthrope acts as a natural channel for a spirit of rage, which makes them beast-like, but only psychologically, so that they have “the minds and souls of beasts.” Driven by the spirit, they are more aggressive, stronger, and resistant to disease and injury; wounds heal very quickly, especially during a full moon,enabling them to survive much more physical damage than a typical human being.

Additional research options: 1 week gathering and sorting through accounts from White Council


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