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Research Results - Fomor

Research on Fomor

They are “exiles from myth and legend, the outcasts of the gods and demons of every land bordering the sea. Defeated giants, fallen gods, dark reflections of beings of light. They are many races and none, joined together beneath the banner of the Fomor in a common cause.” Their common cause is revenge.

Most Fomor are humanoid, of medium height, with sallow skin, greasy black hair, and an extremely wide mouth. They have dark, watery, bulging eyes, small sunken noses, long scrawny limbs, and very, very wide hands. They also have flaps of skin on their neck that they breathe air from. They look like a vicious frog, earning them the sobriquet “Frog Men”.

It is stated that their abilities include sorcery, shapeshifting and clairvoyance. They practice entropy magic, and are not hampered by running water like most magic users. They give off a heavy anti-technology field. They are weakened by iron, as they used to interbreed with the faerie “before the Sidhe Wars.”

They are signatories of the Unseelie Accords. They are related to Jotuns. It is unclear if there is a distinct leader of the Fomor. They are known to use sea urchin-like projectiles that spew acid, and sea-shell bombs as weapons.

They rarely deal with humans and but are known to be ruthless and everywhere. They have been known to trade their handiwork for favors and influence. For some reason, the Fomor are especially prone to giving long winded, gloating, self praising monologues. They are probably the creators of the beasts used by the Denarians and other Nightmare Haunts draw their origin from Fomor creations.


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