Mutani Wren

Attractive cowgirl with two big iron pistols over silk pantaloons


Known / Suspected

High Concept: Djinn Cowgirl Assassin
Aspects: Stupid Assassin Laws
Trouble: Magic Lamp

At least Superb in Guns, Athletics and Stealth

At least Supernatural speed

Some mechanism for controlling and creating spirit entities of her own design.

Assassin Laws:

  1. My target has to see the killing blow
  2. Must grant victim’s last request
  3. Unknown

Uses two Colt 1851 Army pistols.


Mutani Wren introduced herself by calling on “Island” Ernie Gantt to “draw, partner.” When Elizabeth Diamandas tried to drew her own handgun “Gabriel” to defend Ernie, Wren shot it out of her hands, damaging the pistol. Ney and Saturday (Anthony “Name of the Day” Andross) assessed her through a combination of Intimidate and Lore, managing to find out about some of her ridiculous code of conduct.

In the second encounter, Wren ambushed the party outside of the Flamberge Estate, once again calling Ernie out, though this time she brought friends to ensure the rest of the party didn’t interfere. Despite the invulnerability to final death Ernie possessed due to Saturday’s potion, Ernie instead invoked the final request clause and asked for her to learn and sing an entire Opera from Gilbert and Sullivan before killing him. She agreed and Ernie breathed a sign of relief, until he was reminded that she is an air spirit with at least supernatural speed.

On their third and final encounter, Wren approached Island Ernie’s while the party was present, complete with a full high school marching band and four thugs. She proceeded to perform “Island” Ernie Gantt’s request and sing the Pirates of Penzance. However, mid-way through, Sunday and Muscla created a magic circle snuffing the animation from the ectoplasmic marching band, the thugs. As this happened Ernie drew on the magic lamp found earlier and he and Sunday stuffed Mutani back in a bottle.

Mutani Wren

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