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Occult Oakland


See Locations in Oakland for places visited in the city.

See Non-City Locations for any places visited not in a city.


Most of the characters are on the character’s tab however there are a few Other NPCs that don’t need a full character sheet.

Themes and Threats

Current themes ruling Oakland include:

Railways Built on Ley Lines

The city railways are actually a complex spell which holds off another earthquake.

Rum Ain’t the Only Thing They’re Running

The Irish mob has discovered magic and abandoned most of their mortal pursuits. The Italian mob moved in quickly to fill the vacuum but want to know what the Irish have gotten into.

Look, We Were Here First

From the Irish, to the Black Court Vampires, to the Native American necromancers to the actual Native Americans, someone is always claiming they were here first. Someone else is always looking to claim more, and someone else is looking to avenge their long-lost somethingorother.

  • Aspect: Power Vacuum
  • Face: Many…

Other Resources

There is a wiki Tutorial page. Feel free to make a new page just to play around (but try to uncheck the “email everyone” boxes if you’re just playing around).

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