Roberto Ignacio Fernandez Inagurri Gomez de la Huerta Gambon


Human Lycanthrope (were-Lynx)

High Concept:
Old-Money Lycan (Spanish, NOT Mexican, and his family was here long before the rest of you, with plenty of secrets lurking in every corner…)

Dangerously Bored (tends to get bored, tends to get in trouble)

Other Aspects:
I Guess I’m Alone Again (a loner by both choice and fate)
Lynx on a Hot Tin Roof (jumpy, nervous and likes to get away fast)
Curious Bob (Things tend to catch his interest out of the corner of his eyes)
Some Things Are Worth More Than Money (despite his wealthy upbringing the bonds forged in battle are stronger than money)
We’re Really More Alike Than We Think (vampires, were-things, wizards, whatever, we’re all the same…)


Pack Instincts (-1)
Echoes of the Beast (-1)

  • -Beast Senses (Cat-like vision in dusk/dark, +1 w/related skill rolls)
  • -Beast Trappings (+1 to Stealth when Barefoot)
  • -Beast Friend (KITTEHS! assessment actions to suss out a particular animal’s motives)

Involuntary Change-human form (+2)

Inhuman Strength-Lynx form (-2)

  • -Improved Lifting (+3 to Might when lifting inanimate things)
  • -Bruising Strength (+1 when grappling, inflict 2-stress hit during grapple)
  • -Superior Strength (Might always lends +1 to other stills)
  • -Hammer Blows (+2 to damage w/Fists, thrown weapons, increase stress by 2 on successful hit)

Inhuman Recovery-Lynx form (-2)

  • -Total Recovery (can recover from physical harm w/only time)
  • -Fast Recovery (out of combat can recover from consequences as if one level lower)
  • -Vigorous (Endurance never restricts other skills due to lack of rest)
  • -Shrug it off (In combat Once Per Scene I can clear away a mild consequence as a supplemental acion)

Refresh: 6 Adjusted Refresh: 2

Skills (20 points)

Alertness +4
Athletics +3
Stealth +3
Endurance +2
Might +2
Presence +2
Scholarship +1
Investigation +1
Deceit +1
Survival +1
Fists +1


Physical: X X X X
Mental: X X
Social: X X X


Roberto Ignacio Fernandez Inagurri Gomez de la Huerta Gambon

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