Madame Woo Huilan

Ancient Chinese lady full of wise cracks and actual wisdom


Name: Madam Woo Huilan
Face Of: Chinese Magic and Medicine
High Concept: Old Fashioned Asian Grandmother
Known Aspects: Nosy; Hint of Power; My Granddaughter Li Li is a Good Girl; My other girls are all bad

Known Skills:

  • Lore: Great 4 (6 for Chinese Magic and Medicine)

Known Associates:


Woo is generally predisposed to help anyone willing to help others. She is on friendly terms with Lady Constance “Tassel” Chatsworth, Lee Han Yi, Eleanor and Roberto Ignacio Fernandez Inagurri Gomez de la Huerta Gambon since they saved her Granddaughter Li Li from a twisted priest who was going to sacrifice the girl for power.

Madame Woo Huilan

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