Lilree Masters

Human lie detector


Template — Human with a Minor Talent

High Concept: Lie Detector (can feel lies — they cause her pain)

Trouble: Honest Abe (despises deception, works to solve misunderstandings)

Other Aspects:

I Have A Calling (she wants to work in criminal investigation)

Fire Bad (accidentally shooting a crate full of gunpowder gave Lilree a fear of fire, explosions, and guns)

I Need To Know (curiosity may have killed the cat, but at least his thirst for knowledge was sated!)

Will Someone Please Think of the Children? (Being a big sister and confronting the ghost of a murdered child has left Lilree with a soft spot — and a blind spot — for children)


Great — Empathy
Good — Investigation, Scholarship
Fair — Athletics, Driving, Discipline
Average — Alertness, Endurance, Resources, Stealth, Weapons


Supernatural Sense — Feel Lies (lies cause her physical pain)

Listening — +4 to Investigation when listening; causes Alertness to drop to Terrible

Linguist — +4 to Scholarship as relating to reading/speaking languages


Lilree can speak a total of 7 languages (+3 for having Scholarship at Good level, +4 from Linguist power).


Her full name is Lillian Marie, but she goes by Lilree. She is 21 and a student at Mills College learning to be a teacher.

Lilree is originally from Highland Park, a rich little town inside Dallas, TX. Her family relationships are strained because they don’t understand why she is so darn honest, even when she shouldn’t be. They pay for her to go to Mills.

In 1922, her father took the family to England. At a polo match, Lilree briefly met Tassel Chatsworth and saw a skeevy older man try to lure her away under false pretenses. Lilree spilled wine on his shirt to get him to go away. This situation made her realize that her power could be used for good purposes.

While at Mills, she met Robert Gambon at a dance/social. She uncovered a cheating ring that involved people seliing magic that helped students cheat on essays and exams. This event gave her a thirst for uncovering the truth and righting wrongs.

She met Willy one time when he was delivering a love note from a gangster to a Mills student and she didn’t turn him in for trespassing in the dorms. Lilree has a soft spot for kids in trouble, having been an older child who cared for her siblings.

One time, while living in Oakland, she met Chance Baxter at a bar. While talking with him, she saw through his bravado and knew he was lying when he said he didn’t care about anyone. She called him on his lies and he ended up blubbering a bit. Lilree knows that sometimes people lie because the truth is too painful.

While exploring the catacombs under the White Building, Lilree came across the ghost of a murdered toddler. She used Empathy to calm the ghost and send it back to the Nevernever (by singing a lullaby), but the emotional pain the ghost transferred to her had a profound effect.

Also while exploring the catacombs, there was a huge fight, and Lilree accidentally fired a gun into a crate full of gunpowder, causing a massive explosion that nearly killed her and all her friends. Because of this, Lilree now fears guns, fire, and explosions. She has started to train with other types of weapons instead, like blades or blunts.

Throughout her adventures, Lilree found that she really needed to be more athletic so she could get out of the way of danger. After breaking both her legs in the explosion, she worked tirelessly in rehab to not only get better, but improve upon her existing athleticism.

Lilree Masters

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